About Us

HYE Recruiting is a boutique recruitment and talent agency specializing in placing professionals with technical and the ever-so-important soft skills to thrive with growing businesses in engineering, robotics, web and software development, IT, manufacturing and sales.

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HYE Recruiting started with the belief that the right person in the right job and the right environment can make all the difference. We take a personalized approach by working with selective clients and pre-qualifying candidates to ensure only the most suitable candidates get interviewed.

Today HYE Recruiting focuses on placing the most creative problem solvers in roles such as engineering, software & web development, IT, product development, application specialists, manufacturing and sales. These professionals include a wide range of personalities, experiences, and inclinations that can be uniquely beneficial to specific teams. Our mission is to identify the best matches and introduce talent to opportunity.

We go beyond the job requirements and identify key traits that demonstrate the candidate’s passion, interests and drive to flourish. This provides everyone making the critical hiring decisions with a 360-degree view of the opportunity and ensures that new hires can get on the right track.

Take a personalized approach for your next hire.